The Case For Two Wedding Dresses

When shopping for your big day, there's a lot of pressure on finding one single perfect dress—that dress is meant to do it all. You're meant to stun when you walk down the aisle, and beam and glow during your recession; the dress should fit well enough to flatter but not be so snug you can't eat and you're meant to dance in it. 

You found the perfect spouse. Finding the perfect do-it-all dress would be a real cherry on top. 

Not all of us are so lucky. But that's okay.

Budget, trends, and timelines all factor in to the complicated business of wedding dress shopping.

This is why we advocate for not one, but two wedding dresses. 

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Featuring photos from Galia Lahav, Pinterest, and Davie & Chiyo.

Two Dresses are Twice the Fun

All of the special moments derived from you wearing the perfect gown can simply, literally, be doubled. Think about it: your reveal, at the end of the aisle. Not a single guest with dry eyes. Later: you twirl onto the dance floor to bombastic applause not in your mermaid gown, no—in a flowy, fun, sexy, dance appropriate look. 

This might seem a simple argument, but it's your wedding day—you deserve to serve up a couple looks!

Look at the photos in this blog post. How many of the dresses pictured here might you see yourself wearing? Bet you it's more than one!

Silky wedding dresses and beaded wedding dresses from Vancouver bridal consignment La Laurel

Photos from WhiteDeerVeils, featuring our Boho Lace Halter-Neck Dress, and Wedding Chicks.

Take The Pressure Off Your Wedding Gown

Like we mentioned above, the desire to find the perfect do-it-all gown can grow to be unbearable. It is seriously difficult to find the dress of your dreams because, well, we ask a lot of that one dress. Finding a gown that is versatile enough to be married, do photos, eat dinner, give speeches, and dance—without making you super uncomfortable at any point—is basically a miracle. 

If you embrace the two dress lifestyle, this pressure dissipates in a huge way—and it's easier to find both gowns. How? Because the job each dress is intended to do is more limited in scope. Get married in a skin tight, sexy trumpet gown; dance the night away in a flowy chiffon number. 

These two distinct gowns not only take the pressure off of dress shopping; they provide two opportunities to explore what kind of bride you are. Wear sleeves for the ceremony, then go strapless for the after party. See what we mean?

 Beaded Cap Sleeve Wedding Gown from Vancouver Bridal Consignment La Laurel

Photos from Lihi Hod, featuring our Beaded Cap Sleeve Gown by Melissa Sweet, and Eva Lendel

Keep Costs Down with Consignment

You know we love consigning, it's literally our biz. But one of the many perks of shopping for pre-loved gowns (to say nothing of the environmental benefits!) is the cost.

Shopping with a high quality consignment shop like La Laurel ensures you'll get a like new bridal gown without imperfections—and you'll get them at a fraction of the cost. Seriously: shopping consignment can save you so much, you could literally purchase two wedding gowns for the price of one brand new. 

Wearing two gowns on your wedding day opens the door to a more comfortable, flexible, and exciting wedding day. Shopping consignment ensures it won't hurt your wallet. Win, win, win. (The third "win" is for reducing the impact of the bridal industry on the planet.) 

Are you doing two dresses?! We wanna know! Let us know on our socials or below, in the comments. 

xo LL